Blindside Gallery

Natalie, Emma and Cherie


Is your quality of life lacking in certain areas? Do you find it difficult to find time to exercise? Did you resolve to drink a minimum of two litres of water daily in 2014 but have already failed? You could wallow over your shortcomings and swallow your salty tears in despair (on a technicality it would contribute to your daily H20 intake). Or you could begin your new fab lyf today.

In FAB(ricated) LYF Emma Collard, Cherie Peele and Natalie Turnbull, explore life after recently graduating from VCA and question society’s obsession with infomercial culture and products that promise a better existence. Soaked in Gen Y optimism and a desire to find their own version of utopic living, the trio has reappropriated everyday mundane products, chores and nuisances from drab to fab, transforming Blindside into an interactive living space this January.

People are invited to work with the artists, trial, and watch video installations of their creations poised to fab-ify your life, including:

A calendar that prevents you from talking to your ex boyfriend and publicly vilifies you if you do by marking an X next to your name for everyone to see. Remember a mantox is as good as any detox, and is way cheaper than a pressed juice.

A facemask affixed to a window that receives direct sunlight. Simply press your face up against the mask, and watch in awe as you combine your daily skincare regime with a natural remedy to aid your vitamin D deficiency at the same time. It’s efficient with proven results.

A multi-purpose set-up targeted to combat those two daily grievances we must endure – drinking water and exercise. Now you can exercise and keep hydrated in unison by strapping FAB(ricated) LYF’s custom-made velcro bottle holder and water bottle to your bicep, lying on your back abed a pilates mat and crunching. As your arms move towards your mouth you are rewarded a sip for your labour.

For visitors with alternative aspirations looking for answers, FAB(ricated) LYF also has you covered. Just fill out the artists’ short questionnaire and they will conceptualise a couture lifestyle product just for you on the spot, it’s called the life takeover to makeover.

All this and more can be yours. No contracts, no monthly repayments, and no hidden postage and handling fees. Best of all this exhibition won’t cost $4.99 a minute to visit, because FAB(ricated) LYF was designed for you, especially YOU.

Lisa Marie Corso, 2014.